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CHAIN Leadership Model for Supply Chain, breaking the limiting beliefs and using the business language to tell the supply chain narrative.


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Radu and Knut are invited to talk about the From Source to Sold bestselling book, by Key Influencers in the Supply Chain World.


There are tons of leadership books. But this one is special and only focuses on supply chain leaders. It is great to hear stories from other supply chain leaders across different industries. Thanks Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke for putting this all together. Wish more young professionals read this book and be inspired/engaged in supply chain. We need more talent here. #leadership #supplychain #fromsourcetosold
Mark Wang
Helping supply chainers thrive
Congratulations to the Alcott Global team on the launch of #FromSourcetoSold! In this book, Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke uncover the key qualities that have allowed #supplychain leaders and their teams to thrive in an increasingly complex operating environment. One of my favourite takeaways from the book so far is that curiosity and collaboration go hand in hand. Several leaders including Sandra MacQuillan, Ivanka Janssen (she/her) and Jay Lee emphasise that good leaders must stay curious and resist being drawn into a comfortable niche. Strong, diverse relationships will not only feed this curiosity, but unlock new perspectives and opportunities on a personal and organisational level. This message deeply resonates with me, as collaboration lies at the heart of my work in partnerships and Parcel Monitor | E-Commerce Logistics Community's mission to inspire better delivery experiences for everyone. I welcome everyone to check out #fromsourcetosold for more valuable lessons on #supplychain #leadership! #sourcetosold
Jan Rubiano
Associate, Strategy & Communications, Teneo
"Our customer lead times have more than doubled….from 30 days to 75 days. We are rebuilding our supply chain from scratch." This is a quote from the COO of one of our customers. Supply chain issues are real and need a sustainable solution now. I highly recommend the "From Source To Sold" book by Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke that just launched today. The book features some of the most successful global operations and #supplychain business leaders, including my colleague Donna Warton, Microsoft CVP for Microsoft Windows + Devices Supply Chain & Sustainability. It is a collection of leadership stories, a true compass in times of disruption, encompassing career journeys, strategies, and specific techniques in making their companies great.
Daniel Rusen
Director of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft
It's been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with authors Radu Palamariu (of Alcott Global) and Knut Alicke (of McKinsey & Company) on "From Source to Sold: Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain". It launched today and is available for a limited time at the promotional launch price of 0.99 (Kindle). Please check it out and leave a review on Amazon. A big thank you and congrats also to Claudia Marta and Cristina Tetcu for their tireless work preparing for today's launch and the conference and awards activities surrounding it. #sourcetosold #booklaunch #supplychain #kindle
Scott A. MacMillan
Owner and Executive PublisherOwner and Executive Publisher, Grammar Factory Publishing

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