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[From] Source to Sold book comes with a training companion. By scanning the QR codes within the pages of the book, you may access the 5 courses on CHAIN Leadership Model for Supply Chain. Check out the 25 modules, at this link: Enjoy with your teams the courses, animations, team exercises, chapter recommendations and more. Stay tuned for the January 2023 updates.

From the conversations in From Source to Sold, it’s clear that there is no ‘one path’ to success in supply chain.

Contributors to this book have varying personal and professional backgrounds. They lead supply chains through varied experiences in different cultural and geographical contexts. Yet, there are some pronounced themes running through each of their leadership stories, which offer important insights into what it takes to be a successful supply chain leader.

These themes can be neatly summarized through what we call the CHAIN Model for Supply Chain Leadership, or Chain (C-H-A-I-N) which stands for: Collaborative, Holistic, Adaptable, Influential, Narrative

Plan your Year with CHAIN Leadership Model

In planning your year, use the newest team and individual exercises, released on January 17, 2023, to set collaborative team goals, while thinking big about the business outcomes, bridge the cultural gaps, shine a light on the individual or the team’s values and strengths, and work on your personal narrative as part of your brand.

general team or individual exercises to practice the CHAIN Leadership Model

The CHAIN Leadership Model courses offer comprehensive training for leaders, help them develop a holistic approach, navigate difficult situations, communicate effectively, and inspire and motivate others through storytelling. The courses provide tools that support leader to succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Discuss with us for a personalized training for your company

The CHAIN workshops target the development of leadership and business skills for supply chain professionals, equipping and empowering the members of the supply chain organization in solving the inherent issues that plague most Supply Chain organizations, and aim at breaking the silos to create unified supply chains. Business and leadership training needs to be taught at all levels of the supply chain organization, as everyone needs to be aware of the impact their work has on the business.

When resource scarcity, workforce shortages, and transportation bottlenecks hit, the supply chain organization is the one keeping shelves stocked and is expected to stop the businesses’ bottom lines from plummeting.

For more courses dedicated to Supply Chain Professionals, check Alcott Global Learning Solutions:

Keynote training on CHAIN Leadership Model with Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke e2open participants in Barcelona, April 2023


The CHAIN Leadership model explained with short videos, is a great listen for any team meeting to make each team member think of their own examples and learn from peers.


Videos and other support materials related to these exercises based on the CHAIN Leadership Model are available HERE.
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