OCTOBER 4, 2022

Learn straight from the top supply chain leaders in the world, must-have abilities, practical business cases, as well as valuable leadership insights with a supply chain perspective.

A winning combination of entertaining stories about life at the top, how to get there, and rigorous business insights.

Meet the Authors


Managing Director Asia Pacific & Europe
Alcott Global

Radu is the Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Europe of Alcott Global and the Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Practice. He has been working on C-level and top management executive search assignments with Top Fortune 500 companies and local European and Asian conglomerates, particularly for manufacturing, logistics, transportation, supply chain management and ecommerce.

A frequent speaker at industry conferences across the world, he is a contributor to latest technologies shaping supply chains, as well as human resources trends and developments. He is the host of the “Leaders in Supply Chain” Podcast, which is consistently ranked among the Top 5 Global Industry Podcasts.

Radu has been featured in World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, Forbes as well as the MIT Supply Chain Talent Magazine. And has been named as one of the Top 3 Global Supply Chain Influencers on LinkedIn.


McKinsey & Company

Knut Alicke, Partner at McKinsey & Company, part of the global Supply Chain leadership team and a visiting professor of supply chain at the University of Cologne. Knut is one of the global experts on the topics of operations, supply chain, and risk and was ranked  in the Top 3 Supply Chain Influencers by a supply chain magazine.

He advises clients on a variety of topics around Supply Chain, including, digital supply chains, risk & resilience, advanced analytics, and supply chain transformations.

Knut has written several articles on subjects related to supply chain and is the author of a highly regarded book on supply chain management, “Planning and operation of logistics networks: cross-company supply chain management (in German)”.

Why this Book?

Brainstorming sessions led to the idea of interviewing successful leaders with a Supply Chain background to understand their own stories, how they tell the Supply Chain stories, their leadership style and approach. Feedback was excellent, everyone immediately agreed to contribute and we enjoyed the variety of insights. We learned about large multi-nationals, about small and innovative companies & startups, Supply Chain leaders from around the world, different industries with similar and different challenges.

All contributors have a passion in common to push themselves and their organization to the next level of resilience and performance, all contribute to make the supply chain that makes the world move reality. All of them did get to their role as true entrepreneurs, pushing new ideas, solving challenging situations and building their teams. All have a strong people focus and help to coach and educate the next generation of Supply Chain professionals, both within their organization and outside. We need more of this bright Supply Chain leaders to make global Supply Chains a resilient place to be.

Enjoy the reading as much as we did enjoy the discussions,
Radu and Knut

What to Expect

The book features some of the most successful global operations and supply chain business leaders.

It is a collection of leadership stories, a true compass in times of disruption, encompassing career journeys, strategies, and specific techniques in making their companies great.

What makes a great supply chain leader? What qualities do the leaders at the top of the world’s best-run supply chains have in common? What lessons can they teach other executives? How to make it to CEO and board level from the supply chain?

The book aims to provide the answers to these vital questions.

Global Distribution

Carbon-neutral commitment

Through our publisher, this is carbon-neutral publishing, by purchasing carbon credits that offset the environmental impact of all printed copies of this book.


Yossi Sheffi

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Ivanka Janssen

Chief Supply Chain Officer/EVP

Ernest Nicolas

Chief Supply Chain Officer
HP Inc.

Sandra MacQuillan

Mondelēz International

Jim Rowan

CEO and President
Volvo Cars

Tan Chong Meng

Group Chief Executive Officer
PSA International (PSA)

Thomas Netzer

Global COO

Lynn Torrel

Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer

Pier Luigi Sigismondi

President (Worldwide Food & Beverage Group)
Dole Sunshine Company

Sami Naffakh

Chief Supply Officer

Tommy Rahbek Nielsen

Executive Vice President & COO

Essa Al-Saleh

CEO and Board Member
Volta Trucks

Deepak Garg

CEO & Founder

Ken Allen

Board Member

Vikram Agarwal

Chief Operations Officer

Beatrix Praeceptor

Chief Procurement Officer
Mondi Group

Michael Corbo

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Andreas Krinninger

President Industrial Trucks & Services EMEA
KION Group

Jay Lee

Former Foxconn Vice Chair

Bonnie Fetch

VP and Head of Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Cummins Inc.

Achim Dünnwald

Board Member, Advisor, VC Investor

Dirk Holbach

CSCO Beauty/Laundry & Home Care, CSVP, MD

Donna Warton

CVP Supply Chain and Sustainability

Sascha Menges

TTS Tooltechnic Systems Holding AG


Executive Vice President - Digital Transformation and IT

Claudio Strobl

Senior Vice President Operations


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